In 1901, the Wright Brothers, Wilber & Orville, went to Kill Devil Hills, near Kitty Hawk, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to test a glider they had built using the specifications of the ‘experts’ of the era. It flew like a rock with pteromerhanophobia and they were greatly discouraged.

But instead of giving up, they went home to Dayton, Ohio, and did their own tests, with a homemade wind tunnel and other tools, and redesigned their own glider from scratch. They brought it back to the Outer Banks the next year, 1902, and it flew like a bird.

The next year, 1903, they made it larger, strapped an engine (built by them) onto that mofo, and made the first airplane flight in history. They did this on their own, without a cent of government or corporate money.

The takeaways…

  • Don’t always listen to the experts. Sometimes their ideas don’t fly. 
  • Not only can hard work and persistence pay off, it usually does.